Free Initial Consultation

The process starts with a no obligation, no fee, initial consultation, in your home.

At this informal meeting we can discuss your ideas, help to define your wish list, to explore the feasibility of the project and to advise and explain the options and the procedures involved. Following the meeting we write, outlining a design brief, the services offered and the fees involved, including the local authority fees and any other costs that are likely to be incurred. If you are happy with the proposals a simple phone call or email will start the project.

Measured Survey

A full measured survey of the existing property or site will be carried out, and CAD drawings produced as a starting point for the design work.

Sketch Designs

Design proposals will be drawn up. Sometimes several different options may be possible and several meetings take place or emails are exchanged, if you prefer, as the design is discussed, altered and amended. We can present ideas and design solutions, but it is your house, the home that you live in, so your opinions and views are paramount – we will be trying to create something that you are happy with.

Planning Approval

Not all building projects will require planning approval. Some proposals will be allowed under ‘Permitted Development Rights’ – rights granted under legislation that allow you to extend your home (within a clearly defined set of parameters) without formal local authority approval. If the scheme does require planning approval, we prepare the formal drawings, together with all the other information and forms that will be required, and submit the application on your behalf. We track and monitor the application’s progress, liaise with the case officer during the determination period, and will amend or alter the design (after discussion/approval with you) if there are aspects of it that the Planning Officer is unhappy with.

Building Regulation Approval

Most building works will require Building Regulation Approval. The Building Regulations Act is a comprehensive set of legislation developed to ensure that buildings and associated works are constructed safely, provide a structurally sound building, a healthy and safe environment within, and one that complies with the ever increasing demands to lower energy costs.

We will prepare the technical drawings necessary, submit them for Building Regulation Approval, deal with any queries that the Building Control Officer may raise, and provide you with a fully detailed, approved set of working drawings, complete with all necessary specifications. This will enable you to obtain comparative quotations for the work, and will enable the builder to execute the works satisfactorily, to the correct design and standards.

In certain instances, building works can proceed without initial Building Control approval by issuing a ‘Building Notice’ to the local authority building control department, but this route is generally not advised; it usually results in the builder having insufficient information and detail to build from, it can lead to completed work having to be taken down and re-built, and can result in avoidable disputes.

Project Supervision

Many homeowners, particularly for smaller projects, are more than capable of finding a suitable builder, agreeing a price (based on the working drawings) and of supervising the works as they proceed.

However, for works of a more complex nature, with bigger sums of money involved, or where your time is better spent elsewhere, you may wish to have a professional on your side. We can provide a comprehensive service that manages and oversees the project from drawing approval stage through to on-site completion. This would include for preparation of a written specification and tender documents, obtaining and advising on competitive tenders, preparation of contract documentation and appointment of contractor, supervision of site works, interim valuations and authorisation of contractor’s payments, and agreement and settlement of Contractor’s final account. Construction Blueprint


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Our Approach

We are passionate about the many benefits of well designed buildings and work with our Clients to craft memorable spaces.

Many people find the building process a daunting experience and rightly so. Building or extending your home can be the biggest investment you'll ever make, other than moving.

At CB Architectural Design Wrexham we are here to help make the whole project run smoothly, on time and on budget. Below is an outline of the stages involved.

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